Over $7000 In Prizes For Our Brand New "Emotional Hook Formula" Product (Previously Drama Method)

Okay! First things first! My plan wasn't to have this contest.

A few months ago, I had written a new "Video Sales Letter" for my own internal testing & the numbers ended up being so good, that I was forced to do this launch.

I saw conversion rates of 5.5 & 6% on two of my old lists which were pretty near burnt out.

But the fact that this new VSL still pulled big numbers was proof enough for me to push forward with a new launch. So without any more babbling...


Here’s what it’s all about...

From March 19th till March 26th 2015, we're having a new contest for "Emotional Hook Formula" previously called Drama Method & we're paying over $7000 in prizes.


Where Can I Grab Affiliate Tools?

Our Video Sales Letter - http://dramamethod.com/

And for affiliate tools, links, banners and swipes help yourself to the links at the top of this page.


But Wait...

What if I can send you only a few sales or maybe just 1 sale? How will this contest benefit me then?

Well, don't worry.

Every sale counts and this is why we have a raffle prize as well. At the end of the contest, we will use random.org and choose 5 random numbers.

If the number which comes up, happens to be your sale number, then you will win $100. So 5 lucky affiliates have a chance to win $100.


Alrighty then.

I guess this is all, and you can always email my team at - aff@grandjv.com for any questions.


Plus, make sure you are subscribed to our list if you want to get contest and leaderboard updates.

Please ensure that you have put your name in our affiliate list to ensure you get the contest details and daily leaderboard updates. Just go to this link and fill in your name, email & clickbank ID - http://grandjv.com/