In the next 90 seconds, I'll make you send "3 Mesmerizing Emails" to that one special man.

Who will be filled with such an indescribable FEELING of "Emotional Obsession"…

That he'll fall for you a HUNDRED TIMES over until it becomes IMPOSSIBLE for him to stop CHASING you.


Well, I am a HUMAN PROOF of it.

For years, I've been PROUD of something that I am EMBARRASINGLY ASHAMED of now.

Being a fitness instructor, I was a proud womanizer who believed that he had every gift that god could hand out.

With seemingly unlimited options, I was free to be with any woman I wanted, whenever I wanted.

But little did I know that my life was about to be turned upside down soon.

It was a regular day, I was busy training clients at the gym…

…when I suddenly saw this woman enter who made my eyes WIDE and my nerves BUZZ…

She was UNDOUBTEDLY the best-looking woman I had ever laid my eyes on.

Her skin was like silk over glass.

Her blonde hair fell in soft layers like it was tailored from gold fabric.

She had sinfully sexy lips and her eye lashes seductively fluttered like the wings of a butterfly.

I wouldn't say it was love at first sight because I didn't believe in LOVE.

But it was definitely LUST at first sight.

Before I even got a chance to approach her.

I noticed that she briefly spoke to this lady on the treadmill and rushed out of the door.

I just couldn't let this gorgeous Barbie slip away from my fingers so I sneakily approached the lady on the treadmill and made small chit chat.

Her name was Karen.

Briefly the Romeo inside me tried to come out again but after a closer analysis…

I noticed that Karen was chubby and dark eyed with a flat pale face.

Actually dumpy looking.

I felt a little internally turned-off but still maintained my composure because she was my only way to GET to the Hot Blonde.

Being the smooth talker that I am, I had Karen under my SPELL within seconds.

Then I cleverly shifted the conversation and got her to talk about the hot blonde.

She revealed that the HOT BLONDE was her friend from work who dropped by as she was also planning on joining this fitness club.




On hearing this, my EVIL brain started to cook a FUN little plan.


I immediately exchanged numbers with Karen as now I was going to use Karen as a short cut to get to that "PRETTY BLONDE".

But that evening, Karen sent me 3 emails that were so hypnotic, so mesmerizing that it shook my world upside down.

The moment my eyes consumed the words of her email.

My mind suddenly went blank and I FELT drawn to her as if there was a string in my chest pulling me towards her.

I couldn't help but re-read the EMAIL and now my knees turned into jelly, heart started to race and my fingers automatically dialed her number.

And within seconds, I was asking her out on a date like a teenager as I chewed my nails nervously hoping she would say YES.

We met for dinner next day and in a flash I felt so hypnotized that I couldn’t move, couldn’t talk and couldn’t even nod.

I felt like every word out of her mouth transmitted this energy to me which was intoxicating and completely addictive.

I looked intently into her eyes and saw a new softness that secretly turned me on.

Watching the way her lips curved, making apples of her rosy cheeks raised goose bumps all over my body.

And the way she moved her cute chin up and down made little sparks of ATTRACTION dance through my chest in a way I had never known before.

I wanted to say so much but I was so mesmerized that I just stared at her like a deer caught in the headlights.

The evening went by quicker than I wanted.

Karen said goodbye with an elegant little smile and for some reason, that gesture felt more INTIMATE than I have ever felt with any other woman.

Over the next few days it felt like my mind had drawn a psychological sketch of Karen that was so deeply memorized…



That I couldn't stop dreaming about her day and night.


Reading her emails was a new ADDICTION and always left me thirsting for more.

It just didn't matter how busy I was, just one email from her…

And I would find myself driving 2 hours just to see her for 2 minutes on her lunch break at work.

Romantic dinners, long walks and dancing turned into an everyday activity.

Then, I felt a change inside me.

Now other women didn't make my heart jump, even if they were truly gorgeous.

But whenever I was around Karen, my stomach would flutter with the most magical FEELINGS ever.

That’s when it finally hit me…

I wanted to belong to Karen and needed her to be my QUEEN.

One evening while we were sitting around with a drink in our hands, my right arm somehow got itself around Karen's waist.

Suddenly, I couldn’t hold my mouth anymore and hungrily said…

"When I am not with you I find myself thinking about you."

"I can't explain this feeling but you're all I think about. You're all I dream about. You're all I actually want."




She then softly allowed her lips to meet mine…


And from there on, I was in heaven.

Things went on like this for a few weeks until I noticed a CHANGE.

Now her kisses were not as TENDER nor LOVING.

She no longer looked at me with the same level of EXCITEMENT.

So I finally mustered enough courage and bluntly asked Her -

"What are we Karen? Are we together? Are we a couple?" with a desperate look of hope in my eyes.

She took a long pause but when she finally answered, her voice cracked.

“Miles, things happened so quickly between us that I didn't get an opportunity to tell you everything about me."

"What things?"… I asked feeling a strong sense of uneasiness.

"I am a professional dating coach and I've been teaching women the secrets to attracting the man of their dreams"

"Although I didn’t mean to, but I might have used some of these secrets on you".

"Listen Karen" I said feeling a huge sigh of relief.

"Honestly, I am glad you did this because this is what every man secretly craves but can't say it openly."

So, I wasn’t mad at all, in fact, I was CURIOUS to know the whole story.

Karen told me that a few years ago, she met a Hypnotic Talking Coach named Gary at a relationship seminar.

Right in front of Karen's eyes, Gary hypnotized a random woman into believing that she was head over heels in love with him by using simple little handwritten note.

Within minutes, this woman's cheeks turned red, she looked at Gary with a tantalizing possessiveness and kept saying "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH" over and over again.

Karen couldn’t believe her eyes and ran after Gary to explain how he did that and wanted to know if it works with the same IMPACT on men.

Gary explained that it works even better on men as some MESSAGES work on the male brain exactly like a DRUG.




These messages are called "EMOTION INDUCING MESSAGES".


And can create a primal state of love, strong addiction or even intense OBSESSION within any man.

This left Karen so excited that she did a little experiment with one of her own clients.

She shared these MESSAGES with a 49 year old woman named Nichole.

Nichole was stuck with a man who made her feel more like a FLING than a LOVER.

Some days he would be really warm.

But then suddenly he would IGNORE her calls or texts for weeks on end.

In just 2 days of using this message, Nichole got a phone call from this guy where he confessed…

"The moment I read your email, I just started to miss you TERRIBLY."

"I have fallen for you so deeply and do not know what to do now."

Karen had barely been able to contain herself, almost announcing out loud “I can’t believe that worked!”

Then she did even more research and realized that these magical "MESSAGES" are known to flood a man’s body with a hormone called "OXYTOXIN".

Also known as the “ATTACHMENT” or “MONOGOMY Hormone".

Once a man is high on this hormone, he will REJECT every other woman coming his way.

Because you'll be seen as the “ULTIMATELY IRREPLACABLE WOMAN" in his life.

In fact, researchers published a study that showcased men being given doses of oxytocin, to test its effects.

As the oxytocin set in, men INSTANTLY turned down any flirting attempts from other women and wanted to remain monogamous to just ONE woman.

Even if these other women were EXCEPTIONALLY gorgeous.




Which means, the moment you email or text these messages to any man…


He will start to believe that no other woman in the world can ever measure up to you and will literally fall at your feet with INTENSE LOVE.

After seeing what was right in front of her, Karen realized that she had stumbled across a TRUE “LOVE GOLDMINE.

And spent the next 4 years, compiling a network of MESSAGES that worked for every relationship situation, including completely IMPOSSIBLE situations.

And gave it the name "Messages Of Obsession - Mesmerizing messages That Leave Men Obsessed".

Seeing how magically effective these messages were, she started to share them with more clients…

She had a client named Eliza, who was in an “on-and-off” relationship with a habitual player.

Eliza kept on giving him chance after chance but he always took her for granted.

Karen gave Eliza the "Knock Out Baby" message.

And almost OVERNIGHT, this man started saying things like…

"Every second I am not with you, I feel like I am missing out on something amazing."

"I really want us to be together forever. Please give me a chance to prove this to you!"

Karen also shared my "Hot Mama Tease" message with Luana who was a 51 year old mother of 3.

She met men after men online only to get REJECTED after each date.

She used "HOT MAMA TEASE" message on a couple of guys from the past who never returned her texts.

And much to her surprise within minutes the first guy replied and said -

"Sorry for being a jerk. I really want to get to know you again."

"Please believe that I sincerely mean it. Will you like to meet for dinner this weekend?"

And only a few hours later, she heard back from the SECOND guy, and he wrote -

"It would be impossible to count the number of thoughts I have had about you since you emailed me."

"Can I please take you out tomorrow?"



And then there was the weirdest yet most interesting case of them all.


Karen shared something called "Wow Baby Wow" message with a woman named Shirley.

She had lost all hope of getting back an ex as it had been several months.

After using this message, Shirley came home from work one day to find her porch filled with 8 flower bouquets.

Along with many hand written letters from her ex BEGGING for another chance.

And the list of successful outcomes kept piling on from there.

After seeing how these messages were working like a magic potion for many women.

Karen knew more women needed to not only KNOW about this but actually USE IT.

It was at that point, she did 3 things.

First Karen made it extremely easy and FUN.

Karen realized that LOVE SHOULDN’T feel like HARD WORK, so she made it just as easy as watching your favorite movie.

SECONDLY, she made it work for every woman and for ALL relationship situations…

You could be 20, 40 or even 80 years old.

Single, married, divorced or going through a hopeless situation with a guy.

You'll still be able to leave any man deeply mesmerized by using a single message.

And finally.

Karen made it EASILY accessible by turning it into a "DIGITAL ONLINE PROGRAM" called "Messages Of Obsession" online course.

You can get it LITERALLY 5 minutes from now and use it instantly to trigger deep, continuous obsession within any man.

But don’t just take my word for it.



In fact, let me SHOW you a small glimpse of what you're about to discover…




Have you ever had a guy so consumed with overwhelming desire for you that he could barely do anything else?

The "Knock Out Baby" message will do exactly that.

As now he'll feel a sense of closeness to you that he's never felt with any other woman before.

Don't be surprised if guys fall all over you, call you endlessly or even fight for your attention.



Do you know about the "Oomph Of Love" message?

This makes a man not only FEEL but actually BELIEVE that you are the woman he's been searching for all his life.

This makes his mind slip into a permanent "DEVOTION MODE".

Leaving him addicted to pleasing you, loving you and showing you how you are the one he was always destined to be with.




Stuck with someone who claims he's not the marrying kind of man?

Try the "Goody-Goody Monogamy" message on him.

And notice how he lovingly whispers those 4 thrilling words that you assumed you'll never hear from him…

"Will you marry me?"

This message evokes OBSESSIVE DEEP LONGING inside him making him secretly fantasize about being the world's most DEVOTED husband to you.




Discover the "Delightful Darling" message.

This turns you into his entire "Emotional Center" where you become the only thing that he cares DEEPLY about.

The only thing he wants, needs and looks forward to.

All of his special thoughts, conversions and actions from now on.

Will either be about impressing you or winning your love forever & ever.



Are you tired of being a late night call for a guy you have true feelings for.

Or hate it when he makes you feel like a FLING?

Use the "Vapors of Obsession" message and watch how he wants you to be HIS completely and forever.

He'll be so PROUD to have you, that he'll flaunt you like this BIG PRIZE to the world.

Just to prove that you are his woman and he is your man.



Stuck with a man who just can't get himself to LOVE you no matter how much you try?

Use the "Sprint Of Love" message and watch him feel this new obsessive love for you with such depth.

That he keeps giving you warm hugs and passionate kisses all day long.

He'll even leave sweet little love notes around the house.

And will openly confess that he never truly felt real love until you walked into his life.




Ever been in a situation where a guy never calls you back after a date? No call, no text, no nothing?

Just send the "Hot Mama Tease" message to him and he'll suddenly turn into your biggest fan, worshiper and a secret admirer.

He'll always be begging to see you, asking you out every hour of every day.

And might even hang around outside your house hoping that he might accidently bump in you for just a moment of your time.




Are you scared that he has fallen out of love and might leave you for someone else?

Use the "Journey To Heart" message on him because it keeps him madly, deeply, whole heartedly and hopelessly in LOVE with you.

He'll never feel tempted by other women even if she is a playboy play mate.

Because in his mind, you'll be the only goal he'll ever wish to pursue this day and everyday for the rest of his life.




Have you heard of the "Angel Of My Life" message?

Use this on your man when you want him to pamper you that extra bit or please you in ways you've only seen in fairytales.

This taps into his secret desire to be your ultimate knight in the shining armor.

That motivates him to prove his love to you over and over again.



Do you often get angry when your man looks at explicit pictures and videos of other women on the internet?

Use the "Classy Naughty" message and watch how he mentally feels seduced by "JUST YOU".

Way more than anyone else he's ever seen, watched or heard.

He won't be able to help but feast his eyes on you like you're the sexiest woman alive.




Are you struggling to get over your ex but secretly want him back?

Text "wow baby wow" message to him tonight and watch how at first he starts hearing a little voice in his head.

Chanting your name over & over.

And very soon, he'll start to plan a thousand ways on how to call you, talk to you and how to get back with you.

He might even go as far as coming over to your house, begging, bargaining and persuading you to give him ONE LAST CHANCE.



Do you know about the "Mental Love Glue" message?

This locks you so deeply in his mind that he'll never fall out of LOVE & ATTRACTION for you.

He'll just feel in love and romantic around you every breathing moment.

In fact, anytime you feel like his ATTENTION is starting to fade even slightly.

You can use a simple message and you'll start to echo in his mind like a sweet song that never goes away.






I could mention 300 more wonderful things about this program.


But I believe you already understand the type of extraordinary powers this program will give you starting just 5 minutes from now.

So let me ask you.

Are you that woman who would like to see that ONE SPECIAL MAN falling more for her with every second that goes by?

Since you're still here, I know you are more than READY.

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Who you are EAGERLY waiting to use these messages on.

I know that’s exciting but at this point I have 2 pieces of news for you. Good and Bad.


First let me start with the bad news...


You are here because you probably found this via a secret link or through a close associate of Karen.

I don’t mean to brag but women have been paying Karen amounts to the tune of $300 per hour to learn just a few of these "Obsession Messages".

And it was more than worth it for them since Karen gets BOMBARDED with emails from her personal coaching group full of cheerful praises and Thank yous daily.

So at first, I forced Karen to price this program at $300.

But you know how they say, if money was something people could hang on to. It would come with handles?

And unfortunately that’s not the case for most regular and wonderful women.

Therefore, since you've stayed with me till this point, it shows that you truly want this.

So just for you and a few other handful of lucky women Karen has some good news.

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Karen wants to be even more generous by making the world's best GUARANTEE.

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You've just discovered us, so I know you might be slightly skeptical.

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I am glad because your skepticism is going to give Karen a chance to prove herself.

So here is what I mean -

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You'll know exactly what I mean, when you read the first few lines.

Next, pick an "Obsession Message" that matches your situation and just casually email it, text it or use it face to face with that one special man.

And then notice how he suddenly feels hypnotized by you.

Now every time you talk, he'll desperately wish that those conversations never end.

Suddenly he'll start to shower you with more compliments than ever before.

Everything about you will feel extra special to him.

You'll see a lot more loving gestures from him.


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Other women might even get slightly jealous.

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